• There's some research that indicates carbonated beverages may lead to a weakening of bone. However, anything in moderation is probably fine.
  • I cannot drink carbonated water because it is harder on my stomach. But, I don't think that moderate drinking of it will cause any health problems.
  • Bad for you, plain water is much better. "What we do know is that [gastrointestinal] doctors are aware that carbonated beverages like sodas can exacerbate a condition known as GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), which has been linked to esophageal cancer." "The lower esophageal sphincter (LES) is a muscular valve at the bottom of the esophagus which allows ingested material to move down into the stomach. It is designed to close and keep this material from coming back up. Most people who experience Gerd do so because the LES becomes relaxed and malfunctions, allowing acid to reflux. Where the stomach has an acid proof lining the esophagus does not and is easily damaged by stomach acid. ... Carbonated beverages relax the LES" Note that the sugar content is irrelevant: carbonated water beverages containing no sweetener of any kind will still cause your LES to relax.
  • If it is just plain water, carbonated with CO2, then there should be no issue, of course plain water is better for you though. If it is sweetened that is a whole other issue.
  • No. Carbonated beverages (water, soda, pop) have phosphates, which can cause calcium loss and excretion. Consumption of these beverages may be a major factor for osteoporosis as they are high in phosphates but contain virtually no calcium. This leads to lower calcium levels and higher phosphate levels in the blood.
  • I have Gerd, Hiatal Hernia and dring 3 diet soft drinks a day and have no symptoms, only tomatoes, onions and spicy food cause me problems. I have switched to carbonated water after much research. I have found as many experts that say carbonated water is harmless as there are that say it caused digestive trouble and tooth destruction. So, I have given up coffee, cut down on sugar, no more alcohol and I will not give up carbonation. Everything out there is supposedly bad for us, we are all going to die someday so I will keep one thing that brings me a little joy. Judge for yourself after doing your research, don't settle for the first answer you get, even if it comes from a doctor or expert, they have their own reason for their causes. Use common sense.
  • I have been drinking two-three bottles of carbonated water for over sixteen years and i don't have any problems with my health.
  • Stick with plain water. Nothing rehydrates and works as well in the body as just plain water. No carbonation, no added sugars, no energizers.
  • Staright Carbonated water is not Bad for you. If you are drinking, for example, Polar, sodium free, calorie free flavored seltzer water, there is no real difference then water. I believe people are confusing the fact that they Seltzer water is technically considered a soft drink only because of how it it regulated due to carbonation. However, many studies have been done and PLAIN CARBONATED water is fine. Soda and so on can be harmful. Also, I also read above of certain sicknesses that go along. Specialist will be able to help you if you develop systems. Ignore people that say they have drank something for 20 years and are fine. People have drank a alcohol for 40 years and not had liver problems but we know alcohol can have negative effects. Thank!
  • I recently kicked a diet soda habit after being educated on the adverse effects of aspartame. Suprisingly, it wasn't the flavor of soda pop that I was addicted to, but instead the carbonation. There's just something about the "bite" in a carbonated beverage that goes great with a meal or even by itself. My new drink of choice is a wonderful carbonated mineral water called Topo Chico. This brand, imported from Mexico, & around since 1895, is the strongest carbonated mineral water on the market! Try it ice-cold straight from the glass bottle. Deliciously refreshing!

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