• THere is this website called google, you can type things into it and learn all about what you typed! it is VERY interesting!!
  • Wikipedia says: Hydromorphone is a drug developed in Germany in the 1920s and introduced to the mass market beginning in 1926. It is used to relieve moderate to severe pain and severe, painful dry coughing. Hydromorphone is known by the trade names Hydal, Sophidone, Hydrostat, and most famously, "Dilaudid®"(U.S), though an extended-release version called Palladone® SR was available for a short time in the United States before being voluntarily withdrawn from the market after an FDA advisory released in July 2005 warned of a high overdose potential when taken with alcohol; it is still available in the United Kingdom as of March 2007. Another extended-release version called Hydromorph Contin®, manufactured as controlled release capsules, continues to be produced and distributed in Canada by Purdue Pharma Inc. in Pickering, Ontario. Hydromorphone is becoming more popular in the treatment of chronic pain in many countries, and it is used as a substitute for heroin and morphine where these two drugs are not marketed on account of hydromorphone's superior solubility and speed of onset and less troublesome side effect and dependence liability profile as compared to morphine and heroin. Many chronic pain patients find that hydromorphone has a spectrum of actions which suit them just as well as morphine, and better than synthetics like methadone or levorphanol in alleviating suffering, as contrasted with simple pain of equal objective intensity.

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