• It means that some people see fit to attach significance to insignificant events. It is not possible realistically, to prevent the occurrence of man-made multiple occurrences of any combination of numbers or letters you might care to think of.
  • well check this out the number "13" keeps poppin up. My 30th birthday is 12/13/2013 on a friday. heres the freaky part: 12 13 2013 add #'s 1+2 1+3 2+0+1+3 answers 3 + 4 + 6 = "13"
  • when i look at the time its nealy alway 11:11 or 1:11 or 2:22 and i always go wow look at the time i work with a lot of reference number and they always have like 3 or even 4 of the same numbers and i get a lil freaked i have no idea what it meants but its definetly staklking me
  • Similar to tigger. I was born at 3.33 am. I often wake right on that time. I loot at the clock and it's 1.11, 11.11, 2.22, 4.44 and 5.55. It's happened a lot. I always feel a sort of surge. Once I read that these were master numbers and some meant good luck and the other's, not so lucky. Probably just a psychological connection.
  • try this site, I found it interesting.
  • I think it means people can read "meaning" into coincidence.
  • I don't see actual numbers, but things happen to me in 3s. Of course, there's the ole people dying in 3s...that's happened. I'll see an actor I havn't seen in 4ever, and I'll see them 3 times in the same day in 3 different movies. The same old song will be on 3 different stations at the same time. No one calls for days, and then I get 3 calls from 3 unrelated people in the same day. I've gotten the same email "forwards" from 3 unrelated friends in the same day. I'll hear some far-fetched saying from 3 different people. One time I dreamed about San Fransisco (???), and within the next few days, I saw 3 different news stories from there. Wierd.
  • Three 1's, three 2's, three 3's etc. All 9 are divisible by thirty seven. 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666, 777, 888 and of course 999.
  • You can make numbers mean whatever you want them to mean. That is why we have the phenomenon of 'numerology'.
  • i have now. i think it's your subconscious finding things because you're thinking about it.
  • well since the last year i have been doubles and triples everywhere. I see them on clocks , cars, now my charts at work get faxed in on numbers like 333,444, or yesterday was 11:11am. So weird!!! this phenomenon is taking over, all my friends are starting to see them too and they cant believe it. Some say it is Angels communicating with us some say it is a "wake up " call from the higher self. Whatever it is it isn't logical. I am a really logical person and this stumps me. I have recently picked up items at the store and the receipt would add up to 19.19 or 41.41. It just freaks me out all the time!!!! Happy numbers
  • I have a number that I have seen for most of my life everywhere and naturally at least twice a day at that time of the day. I dont know what it means, but I think after seeing the movie 23, people started noticing it more because when you watch anything like that you kind of go on auto pilot and being seeing them, because your subconscious is looking for them, where as before they were happening too but you just werent aware so you failed to notice them on a conscious level. That is what I think anyway? Who knows... It could be, and it is fun to believe that they are messages from our highewr selves or angles, or whatever?
  • I've had this happen before. Everytime I would look at the clock, it would be the exact time like 1:00. Then I would see 4 everywhere. I know that if you look for it you will find it. like you will see 4 or numbers in 3's more often because you brain is now wired to look for them and you will notice them more.
  • Yea my ex boyfriend was so obessed with it. He joined a cult website. He dumped me because of his obsession.I think it's just a concidence. It has meaning only for comfort in peoples minds that lead lives with their head in the clouds.I see 8:02 band 8:18 because of my sister and my birthday.Does it mean anything? I don't think it does.
  • I was wondering the same myself because as of a couple years ago triple numbers are a constant with me. I started waking up every night at 4:44 also evry time I look at the clock it's 4:44, they also appear places like license plates phone numbers addresses and they catch my eye. I do think it has a meaning but what??
  • ALWAYS - At least once a day I glance at the clock and it is 11.11 or 1.11, 2.22, 3.33, 4.44 5.55. Who knows what it means but i thought i would have a nosey on the net to see if anyone else experiences it! I dont know if it does mean anything or just a coinscidence... Im not overly into religion or spirits very much but I tend to acknowledge out loud when I do see the clock at these times - Maybe it is someone or something trying to tell me something.. Who knows but it used to scare me but now I think of it as a good thing & it seems to calm me thinking that it may be a loved one trying to contact me!??
  • I have heard that the time 4:44am is the angel calling time, which is when the angels get their "assignments" for the day. Kind of Like in the movie City of Angels. There is a book out by Doreen Virtue(I think) about meanings when seeing triplicate numbers. I have only browsed through it in the store, been meaning to buy it some day.
  • superstition
  • no, never heard of it

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