• If you have used any payment gateway to get the payment of your product. Then check for gateway payment parameters that can be retrieved after payment. If there is any variable that returns success/failure of payment then you can display your returning page according to the status of payment. If there is success in that variable then just add the link to download the PDF document or Force the automatic file download code with content type "Application/pdf". Gud Luck :)
  • If you dont want to bother with the credit card processing and the secure file handling yourselves then there is a solution for you at that is a mix between a socian network and an ecommerce platform where you can sell every type of file.
  • You don't need ASP or professional developers to help you set up your business. It's easy to sell downloads online as you can sell them either directly from your website or use third party resources. You can direct your visitors to the download page once the payment is processed. It's a simple process. Make sure you secure your product so others, who don't pay for it, don't get to that page. will be helpful in this regard.
  • You can go to It allows you to sell your pdf or ebook and deliver it to the customer automatically once they have paid thru paypal. It also prevents people from accessing your pdf if they havent paid.

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