• depends if you have a lazy kitten when i came home with my first new kitten i rubbed his paws in the litter tray and he used ever since until he started to go outside, but training them to use the cat flap is more difficult
  • I never had to take more that a few tries with a kitten before they got it.
  • Usually the mother cat teaches the kitten to potty train, so no potty training is necessary. Make sure it knows where the kitty litter is, and keep it clean.
  • I have never had a kitten have an accident. Just be sure to pick up the little guy and put him in his box every couple of hours until he uses it. They are generally very easy to train.
  • I have never had to potty train a kitten. Just show them the litter box and they'll do the rest. There was one rare occasion when I had a cat that would not use one..but she was a "throw away" I found before her eyes were even open and had to raise her on a bottle. I don't know if that had anything to do with it or not.

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