• What a good chatroom is, depends mainly of what you are looking for. The used language would also be an issue. And the better you behave in a chatroom, the better it will probably be for you. Some references: 1) Chat Room article: 2) Behavior in a chatrom: 3) Chat Room List:
  • If this site loosely constitutes one, then there is one redeeming chat room. I despise the moronic banter that goes on in those. It sounds like a Beavis and Butthead convention in there. It's LOL this and that. Chat rooms usually are the black holes of the intellectual universe.
  • There are a lot of good chat rooms available. It depends on where are you from, your interests and type of chat room you like for selecting a good chat room. Different people will have different selections. Personally I am from Nepal and I like the Nepali Chat Room: Himal Chat -
  • Chat rooms are full of idiots, pedophiles, and... idiot pedophiles. I'm sorry but there are none. :B

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