• I'd choose Russia. Less hostility, still beautiful. My friends almost got attacked by a bunch of caricature artists in France.
  • I`ve never been to France but Russia, St. Petersburg, was really nice when I was there last spring everything was superb even the weather, the one thing I can complain about is the food, honestly russian food is crap not even the russian caviar we got was any good, but maybe we went to the wrong places. A hotel I can strongly recommend is Hotel Grand Europa(I think that`s the name)a bit expensive but it's worth it just for the location next to the biggest avenue in the city nevski prospect.
  • What is the purpose of the trip? If we knew that, we would be able to better advise you. For example, if he's going to try to improve his conversational French, I'd recommend France over Russia. ;-)
  • I like to go to Russia more than France, but i dont know why your son is going there, for education ?or other businnez? but any way i think russians are good people than french.
  • Definitively not Russia at the present time.
  • France is currently safe. There is a war going on at the moment initiated by Russian president Putin. Don’t you read the news or have you been living under a rock? It’s not the best time to go on holidays at the moment. Wait until the war is over and then go on holidays. Explain all this to your son if you care for his safety
    • Linda Joy
      This was posted about ten years ago on the old AB.
  • Not sure when you posted this but currently (March 2022), France.
    • Linda Joy
      This was posted about ten years ago on the old AB.
  • Currently, Russia is not the place to go.
  • dont go to russia where evil putin is

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