• no.because they still put time and effort into it. but i will demand that they fix it for no extra charge.
  • I've truly never allowed my hair to be cut by a non-skilled person. I had a close call years ago at the Aveda school in Minneapolis, but the instructor came to the rescue... and swore "Never, Ever Again!"
  • I haven't but I've seen it happen.
  • No i haven't.
  • I wish I could have, but I never did. Yes, I was a bit mad, but I knew my hair would grow back. And I used the haircutter's services, so I should pay, even if she or he did a bad job. Just like eating food in a restaurant; if I ate it I have to pay for it, even if it didn't taste that good. I don't want to act like a moron and make a big scene of something trivial, do you know what I mean?
  • I wish I have the guts to do that hehehe. What I do is that I don't return to that hair stylist. One customer less would hurt his/her business.
  • When I was a kid, my mom had paid for me to get my hair permed. The lady that did my hair blew dry it and all the perm came out. You're not supposed to blow dry hair after a perm, even I knew that! So anyways my mom was ticked and told her she wouldn't pay her until she re permed my hair.
  • Not exactly. I paid, ran out to my car and cried. Then I called the manager, who re-cut my hair for free, and gave me my money back from the first cut.
  • No, I try and live with it while repeating the mantra "it'll grow'll grow'll grow back..."
  • No, not personally, but then its hard to mess up my haircut (number one all over) lol. I have however refused to let a friend of mine pay for her haircut when the guys at the salon messed it up completely! That was fun, they threatened to call the police, I simply said "Do it, here is my phone number for when they get here" and walked out, dropping my business card on the floor in front of them.
  • No, I haven't and in 14 years of doing hair. I have only seen that happen 1 time. It wasn't me that did the haircut another girl. I also have only had 1 person Cry cause her hair was too short. When I told her in the first place i liked her little flippys and that i wouldn't recommend getting them cut off cause they looked good. Heck I knew she would be ugly with it the way she wanted. How else was I supposed to tell her. I even told her when she insisted that I didn't think it would go well with her features. Whatever right? :) She wanted it to be feminine I told her It was very feminine I didn't think she would like it any shorter. Stupid Stupid People! I have cut 1 guys ear in 14 years twice. I dunno what it is about his ears. hehe.. He insisted on paying. Everyone always insists on paying most of the time even if you tell them you aren't going to charge them. Which has only happened a few times. When a kid moves his head up when you are trying to clipper his neck and you get up higher. Or I have used the wrong guard on top of this guy one time. He ended up liking it and after that we used it all the time.
  • Yes. In college, we would go to the beauty college to get our hair cut for $4. One time I came out looking like Forrest Gump. I refused to pay. The cut was horrible. Thank God I was in college and could wear a ball cap 24/7.

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