• October 11, 1965........ The day my wife said "I do", at the wedding alter.
  • watching my sons being born.
  • The birth of my son it is a day i will never forget or the arse load of stitches that came with it. lol.
  • 18 years ago, my baby boy.
  • Meeting the man I love for the first time. We spoke online for a few months before I finally got to go visit him. And I will treasure that memory forever.
  • here see last summer i had my first grown up holiday hehe with my girlie friends and we went to amsterdam and the last night we decided to go to a huge rave in a bar called Escape...I hated raves but by the end of night i was up on the stage in front of a couple of hundred people raving it away!...unbelievable :)
  • The birth of my first daughter. I was expecting a transcedent experience filled with excitement, love and the wonder of child birth. Excitement? Yes. They gave my wife the epidural too high up in the spine and it caused her diaphram to cease functioning, so she stopped breathing. They pulled the epidural and had to bag her for about 45 minutes until it wore off and she was breathing on her own. By the time she came around the Petosin (sp?) was really kicking in and the contractions were fast and furious. At 7:52 pm, the greatest wonder of my life occurred...and then there was the afterbirth. Umm, I must have missed that part in the classes. Anyway, that is a day I will NEVER forget...especially the afterbirth. Jeez.
  • The morning I and my bro rush my dad to ER and he was pronounced death. I look at him and keep telling him to open his eyes and breath. I will never forget that.
  • childbirth. How could I I'm reminded of it each day.
  • The birth of my sons and the death of my fiance are three events that are perminitly etched on my brain.
  • I was walking to school (high school) one day, in 1959, and on my transistor radio I hear this "oldies" song that I really liked. Now I've listened to Oldies all my life and I've never hear that song on the radio again. The video's horrible, but the song isn't that bad .... is it, Oldies fans? Jan & Dean - "White Tennis Sneakers"
  • Flying like a bird.
  • may 22 2008, wow!
  • Making love to the woman I loved the most. Playing guitar in front of 2000 people who as soon as I started came to the stage and cheered me. That ended up on cable and even my doctor called me to tell she saw it. Playing the first time in a bar at 16 and everybody freaked out. They though I was a recording star and loved it!!!! Someone stopped me the next week on the street and asked what I was doing here, aren't you on tour. I told him I was coming home from High School, he was like No Way!!!!
  • Getting to see my Art Teacher that I had in middle school at a Family Reunion after 10 plus years! So that I could then finally Thank him in person and tell him that I hadn't ever forgotten him and how he helped a paifully shy girl to heal. He was there because he had married a cousins wifes mother! I know that sounds complicated.
  • Running the guantlet in boot! I really thought they killed one guy when he landed chin first and slid all the way to the end of the hallway unconscious and bleeding from his ears! That black guy hit him in the back of his head with a three foot long piece of metal pipe! The sound alone would convince you he killed him! This was just one day out of many filled with total brutality you can only imagine! I saw people set on fire while they were sleeping by black guys that hated latins!
  • I have so many!!! But I would have to say that it was the first time he said he loved me and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me.
  • My Beautiful GF asked me to make love to her "Just like in the Movies" I fisted her then did her deep and hard in the ass before blowing over her face....I guess we watch different Movies.....
  • the day i gave birth to my beautiful princess :-)
  • the day i experienced my first ejaculation ^_^
  • The day my eldest son died.
  • i had a really bad fall from a horse in 1997 ,and i was in a coma for 3 weeks and when i came to the asked me if i had any recollection of the accident i knew it all and although i was a mess i was a moment in my life that i will not for get ,my recovery took a while 2 years of
  • The day I had my beautiful daughter. Nothing ever like it before and nothing since it.
  • When I was at my wit's end and demanded God answer me and He did in complete detail.
  • My wife saying "I do".
  • My son being born.

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