• Way more liberal. My mother doesn't even have her ears peirced and I have seven tattoos and 9 piercings. (In politics as well.)
  • I'm muy liberal. Much more than my parents. And they were fairly liberal to begin with...
  • I'm more conservative than my Mom, but a little more liberal than my Dad. The reason is that this was just how I was raised until I was able to become educated and deveop my own opinions which are pretty similar to my parents'.
  • I don't fit those labels. I am more understanding and tolerant than my folks but I am more guided by my principles instead of just being reactionary. I like to make sure of each situation from many viewpoints before passing some wrong judgement of something, if ever. Some things just ARE, they aren't good or wrong.
  • More conservative in some ways. My Mother was a sixties Hippie Chick involved in the Music Industry although she has become a lot more establishment now. My Father was very conservative, that is why they were divorced when I was 9 months old.
  • Way more conservative than my mom. We can not talk about welfare or welfare reform or that I think that SSI and other socialy funded agencies give money too freely to some "groups" of people and that others are ignored. We can not talk about church matters. I am way more liberal than my dad, but he's getting better-hahaha
  • Glad you asked. I'm much more of a social liberal than my parents, esp my father (who only liked to hang out with "his own people"). Fiscally, I'm way more conservative. Less govt please. More personal responsibility. They were both FDR Dems.
  • liberal, by far. why? i don't know. i looked around the world and asked questions and formed my own opinions. i guess mine just didn't meet up with theirs and i'm comparitively more liberal. they don't understand me and i don't understand them.
  • About the same, my parents are very liberal.
  • I'm more liberal than my parents were. They would have been happy if time stood still in the 1940's or 1950's.
  • Politically? I would say about the same. But what was "liberal" in the 1950s and 60s is now "conservative".
    • officegirl
      Liberalism became since about 1990 too starry-eyed and pie-in-the-sky and lost all sense of practicality.
  • I am more liberal than my parents.
  • I am allergic to labels. In one sneeze gone. These kind of labels are classic divide and conquer tools. It's always mixed for me. It was mixed for my parents too. Independent
  • Way more liberal. Why? My folks were reasonably smart but I am considerably better educated, employ critical thinking, and don't use the excuse "fake media news" in order to justify believing things for which there is overwhelming evidence to the contrary.
  • about the same caring about people as they were
  • Socially, probably more liberal but society is more liberal than it was so maybe we occupy the same part of the spectrum. Politically, more liberal by any measurement.
  • abt the same as my parents
  • I am more worldly than my parents were.
  • about the same as my parents were

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