• I would go back to the vet that gave the dog the shot immediately, your dog needs to be seen by the vet.
  • I tend to think it's highly unlikely that she has contracted rabies. Especially if she has not been in contact with an animal who has/had it. No fights? Since this IS odd behavior, although, both dogs and cats can often bite the air...after a fly or other insect that we happen not to notice, the foam, which COULD BE from excitement, and the heaving is also unusual enough that I would strongly suggest you call the vet. She well may have gotten into something toxic and I would NOT delay at all!
  • Maybe your dog is allergic to jewish educators?
  • I agree with everyone else, I wouold go to the vet. Did they tell you there were side effects? Did they say to watch out for anything? I'd call, and go. Animals do nip at air, because of insects and the alike, but the foam could be anything from a toxic substance, to excitement all the way to seizures. Foam isn't usually in itself something to be worried about, but because she had her shots, I'd take her back and find out what was going on. You'd do that if she were your child.

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