• Sometimes, I do, sure. Especially if that person's a friend. If the beating seems unfair, though, I don't care if it's a friend or not, I'll try to inject a little calm. Maybe some light hearted humor, depending upon the issue and the principals involved. Oftentimes in an argument, people need a breather, but they can't because they feel like they'd be losing face to back off for a few. A third party stepping in gives them that chance.
  • I have done that once or twice... usually only when I have been involved in the comment thread, though, and two others have been having a go at each other - one time I gently said to them they need to forget it as they won't convince each other of their viewpoints... it still continued though sadly. People can often need someone to point out that they are getting nowhere (except upset) and maybe they should just live & let live.
  • I don't. I don't want to be an interference towards the dispute, and if the person could handle starting it, then he'she should also be able to admit the point, or lead it to an end.
  • Of course I do, I'm not a sadist. I will usually step in and say something.
  • Yes I add my two cents because I don't like to see advantage being taken on people or animals.
  • No, I only will intervene in a real life beating.
  • If someone is truly being rude and demeaning and the other person had a valid point, I'll step in and uprate the person and support their answer or at least say that everyone has a right to their opinion or something like that.
  • Yes and I have in a more of a joking way to calm things down
  • I made the mistake of doing that in a religion thread and promptly got attacked. Some ABers are really hateful bullies.
  • Yes, sometimes. If I see they're holding their own then sometimes I'll just observe and see where it goes, jumping in can sometimes undermine the person who is trying to defend themselves, and unintentionally have a negative effect. Though often I'm so incensed that the person is being 'beat up' I'll go right in, all guns blazing!
  • Haven't seen it in quite a while.. I THINK i stepped in! ;p
  • Yes I do and will. It is ok not to agree with anothers answer or question but I get furious when I some moron slamming another for their answer or question and I will defend that person.
  • Sure, that's just not right. Big cyber bullies!
  • yes i do. sometimes but other times they take care of it themselves.
  • sometimes...but always I will give them points if they are being DR'd for something stupid.
  • Yes..unless the person is holding their own. But sometimes people say things that are totally uncalled for and I will usually speak up anyway.
  • Sometimes I do. Occasionally I butt in just to be a pain in the ass. And other times I do it just because I'm bored.
  • If I think I can help I will!!!!!!!!!
  • If it is undeserved, heck yeah!
  • That happened to me I'm only 13 and i told people on answerbag that when i told my opinion on something and they started making fun of me.
  • Yes! I have a hard time staying out of it! LOL
  • I have a few times. I will do it again.
  • i was recently cyber bullied and really appreciated some fellow friends stepping in on my behalf. so yes, i would most definitely do the same.
  • yes I have a couple of times and made it quite clear that I was not impressed with certain things that were said to certain people on here ...there was no need for it and I was not the only ABer who stepped in ...which I think was really good in that it showed that if a wrong is being done then it will be dealt with fast
  • It is sad when it happens to others unfortunately there is nothing I can do. Who am I here in AB? No one. When it happens to me, as usual I have to defend my self with absolute silence. The best for me is to leave the site for a couple of hours or more and if I am up to it then come back. But circumstances do change people. Regards.
  • Yes... I've mediated a couple of arguments successfully. If I can't I will call in a CL (see bottom of my profile for who they are). If THEY can't, then someone's most likely gonna get the PB for a time, at least, if not forever.

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