• Laguna Niguel is located on what used to be the Mexican land grant of Juan Avila. When California became a United States territory in 1848, he had to legally battle to retain ownsherip of the land, which cost him significantly. He retained ownership until 1865. Lewis Moulton, owner of the Moulton Company, bought the area of modern-day Laguna Niguel in 1895, along with significant other portions of the surrounding area from farmers that were hard pressed to earn a living due to a local drought in the area. Laguna Niguel's present-day existence started in the 1960s as a planned community was being built. This continued into the 1970's. As more people arrived there, the area moved toward Orange County, CaliforniaOrange County incorporation. On December 1, 1989, Laguna Niguel became an incorporated city in Orange County and became its 29th city. Source:

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