• What a fascinating question HADG. I am single, and I spend about $200. a month on food. I don't eat alot of expensive food at home, but I buy good food and alot of fresh things which cost more than if I bought canned or frozen things.
  • 500 a month for a family of three and we don't even cook all that much. Just a bunch of quicky foods and frozen meals. I would also say we average going out to eat about 6 times a month which is about another 200 a month. I use the debit card and NO CREDIT cards!!
  • We have a large family 6 at home as well as a dog and we spend around $600.00 a month on food, we pay cash for it. That doesn't count another $250.00 eating out each month.
  • We bought a cow and butchered it which has really helped but I still spend about 550.00-600.00 on my family of 7 yes I pay in cash.
  • We spend around $500.00 a month for a family of 4. I don't buy a lot of prepared frozen foods, boxed foods, or canned items. I also clip coupons. I always pay cash.
  • I spend about $300 a month on groceries and eating out.
  • About $400 a month for myself and my daughter. Credit card always, I don't carry large amounts of cash.
  • we spend about 150 a month for two ppl but that lasts us the whole month....hmm i want to know where the family of four shop at, thats rediculose payin $500 for groceries lol...woow, economy is really taking over huh
  • I have a £70 a month food and grocery budget, but I generally don't use all of it, so probably somewhere between £40 and £60, depending what time of year and what I'm doing (I spend more in winter because there's not so much fresh veg available and I end up buying frozen) Always, always, always pay cash. Credit cards are evil.
  • We spend about 600 a month on groceries, maybe more. I have me, husband, 2 boys and a girl. Breakfast stuff, dinners, school lunches, snacks, drinks.... I don't put it on a credit card though, I use my debit card.
  • I only buy groceries for myself, and being brought up in a lower-middle class home, I've learned how to shop wisely. I can get myself by in a month on $200 at MAX for groceries, and I always make sure to use my debit card. I refuse to use a credit card for anything but large purchases, as I don't see a point in paying interest on food that's going to be consumed anyways...
  • I probably spend about $400 a month on groceries for 4-5 people. We eat out way too much or I would most likely spend more. I never, never, never use credit. I figure credit is for emergencies or something that I can actually hold onto but not "love handles."
  • I'd say $600-800 a month I usually spend close to $200 a week on grocerys for a family of 5.
  • About 150 for one - Cash only
  • I would say about $300 dollars monthly.
  • About $300 for one person, that includes household items like shampoo, paper towels, cleaning supplies, yadda yadda. Lunch is from the cafeteria at work (about $7-$8 a day) but otherwise I make most meals at home. Grocery store is STRICTLY CASH!
  • I spend about 500.00 a month on food and I pay cash. My family is made of 5 people in witch one is a 4 month old
  • Credit card that earns points...Probably only around $50 (just me) but I supplement at farmers mkt and buy in bulk when I can elsewhere. I eat out a bit too.
  • We are a family of 3 and have a food budget of $500/month any time we go out for food, it comes out of that budget. We make a list before we go out and ONLY buy things on our list to avoid impulse buying. We use debit from an account with specified amounts in it each month according to our budget. Any $$ from our food budget not used at the end of the month goes into our savings or used to have take out.
  • About $400/ Month. Cash only.
  • Family of two adults and we spend about 500.00. Way too much - any suggestions on how to cut that cost other than coupons?
    • Linda Joy
      Cut meat and prepared foods. Buy root vegetables (potato, onion, carrot) and some leafy greens. Buy oatmeal and eggs, drink water. That should be a good start.
  • I live alone. As a vegetarian for the past few years I spend an average of 95 dollars each month for food. My food bill when I was still eating meat was an average of 150 dollars each month. I pay cash for food.
  • I don't usually spend more than $100/month on groceries. Just me now, and I pay with a debit card.
  • $130 every month, sometimes less. Groceries are all on one debit card, desiginated for local purchases. I have another debit card exclusively for online shopping, which gets $200 every month.

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