• Yes any breed of domestic cat can mate with another,be it pedigree or unpedigree. My manx female is due to give birth with in days,it took me 2 yrs to breed her sucseesfully she is two yrs old and i started trying to breed at one year,sometimes full blooded pedigree cats can have a harder time breeding,it just depends on the breed.Siamese especially.I have a Seal point siamese female and she ended up taking 5 yrs to finally breed,she didn't get pregnant till she was 5 yrs old,and then went overdue 70 days,had to have a csection only 3 kittens,2 stillborn and the other lived only 30 minutes.If you do get a sucsessfull breeding keep a close eye on her and get frequent vet check-ups.I wish you lots of luck!

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