• Yes. That is your intuition talking. Follow it.
  • Yes i always follow my gut instincts and they are usually right.
  • Absolutely.
  • There's no reason to follow gut feelings over any other kind of feeling, they all go through the same process of logic. You should think about your decisions and pick whichever make most sense. My gut agrees.
  • yup, and for some reason it's right. Except...for that time i pulled on my dog's lease a bit too hard.
  • yes you should mine are always right an example of one i had - i had been with a boyfriend for a couple of months we never argued and had a very affectionate relationship then one morning out of no where i just felt that something wasnt right i felt it in my gut my friend just said i was being paranoid when i said maybe hes cheatin on me (i had no real reason to belive this) anyway i left it at that and spoke to my boyfriend a few times during that day things seemed as perfect as normal so i thought maybe my gut for once was wrong - untill a couple of hores later when he rang to say he might stay in london the night which i was fine with i justt said ul need to sort out his ticket the next day as he only had a day return at which he exploded at me telling me he wasnt allowed to do anything his outburst was a shock and to every1 always said how lucky he was as i never even bothered him when he was out with mates anyway we split that night - que two weeks later when i find out that hes got a new girlfriend who hed been seeing for - have a guess - yep 2 weeks - this is why i always listen to my gut as there have been many other times where its told me things id have no evidence of
  • Often times, it is better to get a second opinion. If the second opinion is yes, then maybe yes. If second opinion is no, then there might be a criscrossing of thoughts and 'feelings'.

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