• No. The only part of the cue you are allowed to touch the cue ball with is the tip. If you were to touch it with the tip then you have played a shot.
  • That is an unwritten rule that allows beginners to play without having to shoot from the rail. It is by no means legal, but is perfectly acceptable for beginners if both sides agree.
  • Thats something you better discuss before you play especially if its for cash.
  • Pool is a game of finesse,and one of the things you must learn is how to shoot in difficult situations.Having said this, I have made many concessions over the years,especially when playing women,for their panties,for example.Man I love that game!!
  • When playing with friends you can set any rules you like. As far as actual rules go you cannot move the ball.
  • Not allowed.
  • no its not a rule they are cheating. Do that at a pub and you will be in a fight.

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