• Your friend doesn't deserve your friendship. The girl you like may not have known you liked her at the time & at least she told you, proving she is trust-worthy. Tough situation mate.
  • This depends on your friend. Or to be more precise - your friend's motivation. A lot of guys may think they are in control of things where a girl is concerned but, really, they are just reacting. If the girl was interested in him at one point more than you and just wanted to explore that, maybe he couldn't resist. Or maybe he's a type 1 agressive and took her out because he could. The bottom line is - This girl digs you now, right? Is your friend gonna resent that? If he's a real friend, he'll wish you all the best and stay clear. As for you, "Don't be a dufus man," either way. Assess the situation and decide based on merit. If you're too twitterpated over this girl then ask another close friend who isn't all up in arms about it and can see straight. And good luck, buddy.
  • I would say not go out with her. I could never date a girl if I knew my friends had been in that. Also don't forget your her second choice.
  • who one you like most? your friend or the unknown girl another thing is that if your friend having a feeling on that girl even know that you like that girl then it is totally mistake of your friend. your friend have no care on your feelings then why should you?
  • I don't see how it matters much. You want her to be pure and untouched? Date 17 year olds. She has a life and a right to use it. If that gets in your way you need another woman.

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