• No, it is not true. For one, human beings cannot usefully absorb oxygen through their skin. Additionally, on average, skydivers reach about 125 mph; if this were true, then race car drivers could also go without breathing.
  • if humans could usefully absorb oxygen through their skin it wouldnt appy to a racecar driver as it would to a skydiver, a skydiver is directly exposed to the oxygen whereas a racecar driver has a buffer (the car) between him and the outside air and only gets a fraction of the amount of air from the outside touching his skin (through the window). though it is a good point.
  • No, I've never heard that before. Human skin cannot absorb oxygen through the skin in any useful manner. Oxygen has to enter the lungs which cannot happen via osmosis.
  • not true.otherwise why could somebody not simply stand in a wind tunnel with the winds turned up to freefall speeds and hold their breath indefinitely? its a bit of common sense ,really.
  • Yes. You DO breathe through your skin whileskydiving. I AM a skydiver. 74 dives this year!
  • yes you have to breathe but its not as difficult as you'd imagine. Just scream, itll force you to breathe.

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