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  • Small non-striated myocytes (muscle cells) arranged cylindrically within the nipple are responsible for the nipple becoming erect when they are stimulated (for example, by suckling). The nerves are so close together in that area that they become more sensitive to pretty much anything. The same as a breeze, your nipples would respond quickier than another region of the body because the skin is thinner there.
  • because you're sexy.
  • Blood leaves your epidermis and retreats deeper into your skin to conserve core body heat and the nipple stiffens because it shrinks over the anatomical structures within it.When you are cold ,blood vessels dilate and more blood flow to the body surface to help keep it warm.The increased flow causes the nipples to erect.Same process is what obtains in penile erection.Hope this helps
  • When I find oil to be drilled : )
  • my nips get very hard

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