• no because flour is a type of healthy, safe herb and usually does not contain chemicals.
  • Could be. The most likely injury I can think of is that you could get small abrasions on your eye from the small particles of flour rubbing on the surface of your eye. Eventually, your eye would clean all the flour out... but until then you would have a sticky nasty mess.
  • i think is it harmful to have flour in the eyes because jager bombs and flour in the eyes, makes for a bad time, flour in the eyes makes it so that you cannot see worth a shit, and flour in the eyes burns like someone has poured battery acid right into your fucking eye socket, and it makes it hard to type this comment, i do not recommmend that anyone puts flour in anyones face, it is not as all desirable and sucks big donkey balls., kbye
  • There was a woman that worked where i did that got a tumor on her brain right behind her right eye, they popped her eye out to get the tumor out and her eye didn't work right after that. The tumor grew back a few years later and when they tried to remove it again, she died. I always wondered if it could have been caused by something getting in her eye that would worked it's way to the backside of her eye, like maybe flour.
  • Could be harmful especially when the flour is mixed with liquid and hardens.
  • As long as you manage not get near an oven and bake bread in it
  • Flour huh? That's not what I heard it was.
  • How does one do that?

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