• I think that answer depends on each individual man. My husband goes crazy over one that I wear called Anais Anais. The others that I wear he says smells nice but don't "turn him on" like the other one. If you have a boyfriend/husband and you are trying to find the right perfume to drive him wild, just ask him. Or if he doesn't know, drag him to the perfume counter at the mall and ask him to smell a few different ones and see what he thinks. Just remember that just like anything else, what one guy likes isn't exactly going to work for the next guy.
  • As has already been said, it depends entirely on the man. However, I worked in an office where the ratio was 94 guys to 5 women and only 1 of which wore perfume daily (me) and here is what I found: The scent that got the most "you smell soooooo good" and "what are you wearing my wife/girlfriend would love it?" comments was Dolce & Gabbana. Next was Roma by Laura Biagiotti, then L'Heure Bleue and Aqua Allegoria Herba Fresca both by Guerlain. The ones that didn't score high marks were heavy scents, unisex scents, or scents that were so common they weren't worth noticing. Of course perfumes smell different on every woman and I agree that it's worth dragging a guy to the perfume counter to see what he likes :) Some guys really appreciate that and then whenever they smell that perfume they think of you and smile (hopefully). I really need to find that guy. . .sigh. :(
  • lotus oil. definately
  • I'm not sure that guys prefer or even recognize brands or particular smells. Most will just like things that smell nice to them. If I could give some advice it would be to find a guy friend, and drag him out to the mall or something one day and find out what he likes.
  • Unforgettable by Revlon, hands down. Men and other women alike go gaa-gaa over this fragrance. Very feminine and sensual, it is powdery and flowery, a lovely combination.
  • Clinque's Aromatic Elixir. I have had many many men stop and ask for the name so they could buy it for wife/girlfriend.
  • I get the most compliments when I wear Flowerbomb or Hanae Mori.......ummmm.
  • To be honest i wouldnt have a clue about any brands or the different types of perfume its just one of those things when i smell it, either it turns me on or it smells ok
  • A unique one. I love when I spell a perfume that reminds me of a girl I once knew. Or still know for that matter.
  • Every woman is different and scents react differently on her. My favorites (the ones that have the most impact from men) and which I like, are basically"First" by Van Cleef & Arpels, "Chanel 19", and "Chanel 22", and the 2 scents by Karl Lagerfield, "Chnace" and "Allure" by new favorite is "Daisy" by Marc Jacobs...much lighter, but men seem to like it on Dunno, but "First" seems to be a magnetic scent on me...giggle... and seems to work on well with my girlfriends..."Daisy" by Marc Jacobs seems to work well, a more adaptable fragrance. Chance and Allure by Chanel come up 3rd as "sexy" and adaptable to body chemistry. "Coco" smells like Raid bug spray on me, but was a very sexy scent on another woman...I guess if we have the "luxury"...the matter of samples, then we may be allowed to play more...but I don't visit department stores as much as I used to... Find the scent that you like and makes you feel sexy....feed off of the
  • You are asking a global question to fit all men. That is impossible. There is no one definitive answer, no one size fits all that speaks for all men. There are too many men and too many perfumes. Some like perfume a lot, some a little, some not at all, some are sligbtly allergic to perfumes and some are deathly allergic to perfumes. The ones who like it woodsy, if so what kind; if it's flowers, if so what kind; if plant based if so what kind; if flavors of say ice cream or candy or coffee, if so what kind? And on it goes.
  • depends on the guy, everyone is different

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