• Yes, Yellow is friendship, pink means they like you, and red is love.
  • Yellow means special, pink means like, red means love, and white means friendship.
  • ...and a red & white striped carnation means, 'I don't love you anymore'... The Victorians had an elaborate language of flowers, and your "colors" are carryovers from this. I hope you enjoy this website
  • There are so many meanings I couldn't remember all of them...I found this:
  • It is true that there are meanings behind the colors of flowers, but the best thing to keep in mind is what color the person like that you are giving the flowers to.
  • Yeah I've heard that too. :) It also extends to different cultures; from what I;ve understood, yellow roses mean friendship to Americans, but in parts of Asia yellow roses are associated with death. So maybe just get the lady in your life the color of roses she likes?! :) Its thoughtful of you to ask or wonder about.
  • 12-23-2016 Yeah, there is some such thing, but in modern America you have to really hit somebody between the eyes to get a message across. One company ships bouquets of weeds, another ships candy boxes filled with deer droppings. Other than that, it's hard to communicate anything.
  • Possibly.

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