• i can almost guarentee they are a scam. if they worked, i think the word would spread FAST! and, women would likely quit having implants... why have surgery if you can just take a pill and have the same results?
  • I think you probably know the answer to your question already, at least you should if you have any sense at all.
  • um,breast enhancement pills are actually a very popular trend and a lot of women are taking them...the only thing is that the results are not IMMEDIATE and we tend to want things NOW. thus making breast surgery appeasr as a 'better,' more popular and more documented choice. also you have to find the right pills for you as some people may be allergic to some of the ingredients. (consult your doctor first before taking them). another thing is that you have to avoid caffeine so it won’t counteract the pills. they aren't to be taken while prego either. the ones that cost more and state that results will show in 3 + months generally do work... the ones that guarentee results in 2 weeks ARE a scam. however you also have to use creams and certain exercise techniques...the two pills that i have seen as most popular are mammorex ( and breast active ( helpful RECENT article on topic => or just google the question. :) hope this helps. unfortunately bigger breasts do wonders for many females in confidence and self esteem. just like a big, er, "johnson" helps with a mans self esteem and not to mention ego. hehe
  • yes and no, pills may cause a small size increase but it won't last but there are other options saline injections can give temporary size increases or if it really bothers you there is always implants but frankly i would take the itty bitty titty patrol over ginormous fake blobs anyday, nothing sexy about plastic

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