• Hang out downtown, and try to make friends with any vampires you come across. Or, if you want to cheat, bring up the cheats box (ctrl, shift and c) and type in (without the quotation marks): "boolprop testingcheatsenabled true" Then hold shift, and click on a sim. Click 'more', and click 'more' again. Then click 'Make Vampire!' and your sim should automatically become a vampire. Type: "boolprop testingcheatsenabled false" to turn the cheat off again. This will still leave your sim as a vampire.
  • Go downtown it might take a while but eventuly you will see a sim with gray skin and wierd colored lips.They also walk with there arm on there mouth.Become friends with them.I always get them to move in then I tell them to bite my sim.But they might bite you themselves.
  • the easiest way to do this is the cheat. bring up your cheat box by hitting "ctrl, shift, and C" at the same time. When the box pops up at top, type this in, EXACTLY how i type it. (boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true) witht the spaces and everything. Now, go to the sim you want to make a vampire. Hold the shift button down whileyour mouse is over the sim. There should be a button somewhere that says "Make sim vampire" :) and you're sim will instantly become a vampire.
  • Go downtown and their will be vampires there. Try to make best friends with them. Eventually they will pick to bite you. But be warned, it is hard to keep Sim vampires alive. 1}. They burn up in when the Sun is up. {Keep your Sim vampire away from windows and outside}. 2}. To freeze their needs, buy them a coffin. Located in the Buy Mode, Comfort and then beds. Good luck! To cheat, in neighborhood view, type in this cheat "boolprop testingcheatsenabled true." Without the quation marks, and then go downtown. When you see a vampire, shift-click on your Sim and click Spawn...Tombstone of L and D {Death and Life, I think.} And then click on the Tombstone. Click "ADD NEIGHBOR TO FAMILY.." Then click "MORE." And find the vampire Sims' name. When you find it, click the name. You'll be able to control the Sim vampire. Now go into the Sim vampire's realonships, then drag up the lifetime and top bar to 100%. Then do the same with the other Sim. Now go back to being your Sim vampire. Click on the other Sim, and the option "Bite Neck" should appear. Have fun!
  • you need to befriend one of the two main vampires, the count or the countess. they wander around at night DONWTOWN. once you have a high enough relashionship, they will either bite you or you can influence them to bite others, OR you can ask them to move in with you, that way you can play them and then you can control whoeverthey bite

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