• Cellphones have many features available. Many of the cellphones that we use are considered "smartphones" and have many more options than regular cellphone applications. No matter the type of phone that you use, you may at one point decide to block harassing phone calls, specific numbers, or unavailable or restricted numbers. A few options exist to help you to silence the ring of unwanted callers.

    Blocking Numbers Using your Cellphone

    Today many cellphones are considered "smartphones" and have the ability or option to allow the user to block unwanted calls from reaching the cellphone. Depending on your model of cellphone, you may or may not have this option available to you. Motorola phones typically have this option available, however, if blocking a number from your phone you must have the actual number; you cannot manually block restricted or unavailable numbers. Since all cellphones differ in commands and features, consult your cellphone owner's manual or contact your service provider to learn proper instructions on how to block unwanted calls from reaching your cell phone.

    Service Provider Call-Blocking Services

    Many cellphone service providers also have the option available to allow a user to block unavailable or restricted numbers. This service may require a fee depending on your particular cellphone service. Specific numbers can be listed as unwanted numbers as well. You must contact your cellphone service provider to check if this service is available. If so, you can list any number that you do not wish to receive calls from. If that individual calls from the blocked number, the call will either not go through or be routed to an automated answering service letting them know that you're not taking calls.

    Independent Blocking Services

    Independent companies are available to help secure your personal cellphone from unwanted calls. These companies act as more of an answering service and re-rout blocked or restricted calls to an automated service. The caller is then asked to provide a name or a number to the service, otherwise the call will not go through. You will then be notified about the call if the caller has identified himself, if not, then you will not be bothered. A national registry for blocking unwanted calls, specifically for telemarketers, is available to U.S. citizens. This is known as the National Do Not Call Registry. After placing your number on the do-not-call list, the service will take effect one month after you register. The service is good for the next five years, at which time you can re-register your number.


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