• In 1992, Time Magazine reported that people who lived near power lines were abandoning their homes out of concern for their health. That year, numerous studies were released that warned the public that power lines could pose a threat to physical health. Today, there is still concern for those who live near power lines.


    In the past, researchers were concerned about a link between childhood leukemia and power lines. However, the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences states that there is a weak association between power lines and various cancers and childhood leukemia.

    Distance and Health

    The health risks from a power line are contingent on how close the individual is to the line, according to the Mail Online. For example, Oxford University discovered that people who live 220 yards from a power line had a 70 percent chance of suffering a health risk, but that risk was reduced for those who lived farther away.


    Power lines may also raise the risk of miscarriage. According to Power Line Health Facts, pregnant women are five times more likely to have a miscarriage if they live near a power line.

    Mental Health

    An article on Reuters examined how power lines affect mental health. The article states that older people who live near power lines have an increased risk of developing senile dementia or Alzheimer's disease.


    Individuals who are concerned about the electromagnetic radiation being emitted from power lines near their home can measure the magnetic field strength with a gauss meter. A guass meter can help determine if the electromagnetic field poses a serious health risk.


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    More Information:

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  • * Studies conducted in Sweden and the United States indicate that cancer cases are twice as frequent in homes near high-current power lines as in homes located in other areas. In the Stockholm area, for example,

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