• They are apprentice freemasons.
  • It means they've been drinking and they're legless or half cut.
  • If it's the right pant leg, more than likely, they rolled up that side to keep their pants from getting caught in the chain of their bicycles, also bike chain grease is tough to get out of your cloths. I ride my MTB alot, and I roll up the right pant leg whenever I ride, it's not an uncommen practice. If it's the left leg however, im not sure of the logic in rolling up the left one.
  • Actually, one pant leg rolled up is a sign that they are a formal gang. Yes, like Crips and Bloods, or MS13. Gang members favor a "side" as identity. Gangs that favor a "left" side will have their "lids" or ballcaps turned to the left, with left pant leg rolled up, and bandanna in left back pocket. Gangs that favor the "right" side, will do the opposite. It could be these kids are imitating images they've seen in rap/hip-hop videos, and not know its significance. Either way, its recommended they stop, lest they run into "rivals" that mean business.
  • maybe it helps balance the odd way one must walk when the pants themselves are about 7 sizes too large??? HA! Dr's are actually seeing all sorts of health issues caused by wearing the pants so large, because the 'wearee' has to spread their legs and hips so oddly to maintain some coverage of the posterior. And all the other injuries caused by imitating gang behavior. I am so tire of seeing 'underwear and peoples booties.
  • this is a original practice by bike messengers in ny that was made popular by the b-boys. it goes from there . Just like the la sag originated from gthe prison where the prisoneers were not allowed to wear belts. some came out doing the same thing, others immatate and bam, its a craze. not allways a good thing
  • they are just idiots, thinking that they are hard, there IS no signifigance to the pant leg thing, gangs dropped that years ago after it became clear that everyone was doing it, and why would show that you we in a gang by roling up your leg or something, a bandana, on the other hand could just be a bandana, not necessarily a gang sign, so you would have to know that it is a gang colour, I think that if any 'real' gansters (as opposed to 'gansta') approached them they would roll their pant leg down as fast as anything, regardless of which pant leg it was...get a blody life.
  • Depends where I am at it either means gang related or they are riding a bike and they rolled the pant leg up to avoid getting it caught.
  • L.L Cool J was the first person I saw who started that trend way back in the day. I just figured it was an urban thing at the time.
  • Right leg crips left bloods, left up selling, right up buying, or they could be a bike rider, or proving they're not on house arrest. Its all dumb. Except the bike thing. That's smart.
  • never heard of that

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