• Okay so we take all their oil and then laugh at them and go away and never talk to them anymore, or let any refugees out of that area. I know it may SEEM a bit harsh, but it's not so bad once you realize I'm calling it the TRUMP PLAN. I have other Trump Plans too. Like the one where we kick everyone who ever voted republican in the nuts till no one is willing to support them any more. Oh wait, that's actually the Michael Moore. hey maybe I should just start a restaurant and name sandwiches instead, whaddya' think?
  • They didn't seem to care a lot about Tibet or the Congo. If it was really about injustice wouldn't they have cared about those? Admittedly I don't know much about this stuff.
  • You are wrong. Oil is not the only thing in the Middle East. It has vast gold and mineral reserves as well as others sites and materials of interest. The Arabs have always had the Middle East. Where White Americans did not exist in America under 200 years ago. Neither did the occupying state of Israel exist 100 years ago. The "Israeli's" like the Americans are a false history pretending to be part of something they are not. The Arabs like the Chinese are simply moving on despite these two global parasites in their way. It;s not an issue of God or even religion. America is not "Christian" any more than the occupying state is Judaic. Both only have the pretensions of race and religion brought along with their colonial, terrorist founders.

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