• Coin dealers first should appraise them so you know a fair price for them. Then you can sell to a dealer (who will buy wholesale of course) or place an ad in your local paper (expensive) or put them in a good, reputable auction where they sell good coins and art and other similar collectibles and hope for the best. They are not as liquid as many other things. Selling to a coin dealer who would buy them all for a fixed price once you know the fair market value of them from a qualified appraiser is going to be 40-60% of retail on them,. but it is usually the best way to go. I would NEVER put them on an online auction unless you really know how to list them very accurately, and had a money back guarantee or an ALL SALES FINAL posted, and you will still risk people arguing with you about the grading of them when they see them in person. Grading coins is a very subjective thing. Selling them online could be a nightmare for you.
  • i would say pput it on ebay
  • I dont go to a physical store I use a website called American Gold & Silver Exchange. They gave me a great price on my St. Gauden. Check out there website. hope this helped!!

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