• Slavery sounds inconsistent with a loving God, but for the survival of Israel (due to) their enemies and immoral conditions, it was survival of the fittest. Deuteronomy 6:24 "And the LORD commanded us to do all these statutes, to fear the LORD our God, for our good always, that He might preserve us alive, as we are this day."
  • God is not Politically Correct - He acknowledges that not everyone was created equal. God is not a Communist, nor any of the other "-ists" associated with Communism. That's why it has been so easy for the world to turn its back on God - they don't want what He has to offer. It's difficult to understand how someone who is purported to be "kind and just" can be that way. But to repeat what I said in a previous answer, God doesn't answer to man - man has to accept the reality that is God.
  • Remember: he was giving instructions to the Israelites, who were very limited in capability compared to our modern societies and technology. ***Example*** Consider the many times in the Bible where a conquered populace recovered and returned decades or even centuries later to plague the Israelites with war. SO (the example continues): we see in some passages of the Bible that God instructs the Israelites to kill all of the inhabitants of a conquered city excepting the young girls, whom the Israelites are commanded to enslave. If an Israelite decides one day to marry one of these women, God even gives rules on how to ritually make the foreign woman an Israelite (i.e. someone with all of the same rights as a native-born Israelite woman). Now: think! Can you think of an alternative "commandment" that would PREVENT that city's population from gaining military revenge against Israel in the future AND that would preserve more life? **I** can't think of anything. It was NOT a moral solution, but (I contend) it WAS the most moral solution available to the primitive Israelites, who did not have secure prison technology or POW camps, who did not have nor could afford rebuilding programs and installation of friendly governments in foreign nations, etc. AND NOTE: in the Bible it's not just the Israelites who have this problem. Conquered nations in the Bible OFTEN - eventually - take vengeance on the conquering nation. God gave the Israelites instructions intended to prevent that from occurring to Israel, the much worse alternative - if Israel had left the non-combatant population intact - being future wars with that same people.
  • Because slavery is something that has always existed and will always continue to exist. America is still the largest user of slavery today. Mainly via it's prison chain gangs. But exploitation of the working poor and migrants is still modern day slavery. What your mind is too small to comprehend, is that slavery is heavily talked about in scripture so people know why it's wrong. Mainly as you could end up a slave yourself and be treated as bad as those do their slaves.
  • He was not. The laws regarding slavery in Israel were given to protect the slaves from wanton cruelty by the owners. Slavery is still a fact of human life, even in the 21st century. Times and people were much harder 5000 years ago.
  • Please do share the scripture quote that says he was "A HUGE PROPONENT OF SLAVERY." There is not one. I've read it. He knew that slavery exists and taught his followers to treat them with love and compassion. People ALL OVER THE WORLD were enslaved when one race/country/culture won in war. Many poor people also sold themselves and/or their children into slavery. This was usually for a specified period of time until their debt is worked off. People do the same today when they run up debt they can't keep up with and end up dividing up their paycheck into which bills they can pay for now and have nothing leftover. You're basically working just to pay the bills and don't get to keep any for yourself. Looking at it this way most of the world's population are in relative slavery.
  • Quite the contrary, God is a proponent of Liberty, but also of justice and as one sows so one shall reap. Read Jeremiah 34. Because Ithe nation refused to give up its slaves the nation was sent into slavery.
  • Slavery in the Bible, and in Bible times was not as we view it today. It was usually an honoured profession. Slaves were more like bonded servants and released after 7 years of service.

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