• <h4 class="dechead">On One Hand: Bulb Color Is Important

    LED lighting is effective for growing plants. LED lighting offers colored bulbs to ensure the desired effect is given to different plants. For photosynthesis to occur, different colors from the light spectrum must be available, with red and blue being the most important. Red and blue LED bulbs make plant growth possible, and is the preferred method for indoor plant growing. The important thing is to know which color of light each particular plants need to thrive.

    On the Other: Expensive for Little Gain

    According to Don Klipstein, LED lighting is only slightly more effective for plant growing than fluorescent lighting. Compared with fluorescent lighting, the price of LED lighting is cost prohibitive for little growth advantage.

    Bottom Line

    LED lighting is an effective way to grow plants. Because there is not a high intensity of heat, the growth cycle is natural and the plants grow as they would outside in natural sunlight. When using LED lighting, paying close attention to which color bulb your plants need, will ensure successful growth of your plants that are exposed to LED lighting.


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