• It depends on the type of material your pants are made of. If they're jeans or made of a cotton material, wash them and then stretch them out. Leave them to hang dry. If they shrunk quite a bit, I cannot promise that they'll return to their original size. You can always do it more than once to get it larger. I have to do this with some of my jeans, because my legs are long.
  • I saw this on a crafts t.v. show many years ago and have used it over and over and it has always worked for me. I have never tried it on heavy fabric, but on lightweights it does work. Run a sink full of hot water and put in 2 Tablespoons of hair shampoo in the water. I use the non colored type. Swish it around in the water and put your garment in and knead it around in the solution. There will be suds in the water and in the garment. Take the garment out of the water and wring it out, DON'T RINSE! After you have wrung it out, stretch the hips out by pulling them out, then pull down on the legs of the pants or the hips of a dress or hem of a dress. Keep pulling the pants legs down and you are stretching the fabric back out. Hang on a hanger and let dry with the detergent still in them. When they are totally dry, iron them and they should fit. What have you to lose anyway since they don't fit already? It has always worked well for me.
  • after I have had to go through the trouble to do that, I generally dryclean them in my clothes dryer with Dryel in the bag. Have you ever used that stuff? It's fantastic. Anyway, I do the dry cleaning thing after I have stretched it back out. Something about the hot water and the shampoo left in does the trick. I've tried it with dishwashing liquid and also with woolite and it doesn't work with those. Go figure. Hope it works for you. Pam
  • the pants/jeans stretcher worked for me. wash pants/jeans in cold water, clamp leg-ends of legs separately, clamp waist, hand upside down with legs apart, hang a weight to bottom (5-8 lb), let dry for a day - added 2 inches or more to the legs! see article and pics at

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