• Choosing a satellite network for your TV can be tricky. The two biggest satellite networks are DIRECTV and DISH Network. Both offer a lot, but which one is right you?

    Transmission Quality

    Transmission quality measures how well the signal from the satellite reaches your TV. Both DIRECTV and DISH Network have a high-quality transmission that is 100 percent digital.


    Both networks offer a variety of programs. DIRECTV offers three packages: the Basic package of 130 channels, the Total Choice package of 145 channels and the Blue Ribbon package, which includes every channel. DISH Network offers five different packages: the Top 60 package with 86 channels; the Top 60 Plus, which is the Top 60 with extra sports channels; the Top 120 of 260 channels; the Top 180, which consists of nearly every channel; and the Everything package, which includes every channel.

    Cities Available

    Not all cities offer DIRECTV and/or DISH Network. DIRECTV is available in Las Vegas, Memphis, Milwaukee, Columbus (OHIO) and Baltimore, where DISH Network is not. DIRECTV is not available in Oklahoma City, Albuquerque (N.M.), Honolulu and Grand Rapids (Mich.), but DISH Network is.


    DIRECTV's price range is from $39.99 to $90.99 per month. DISH Network's packages range from $24.99 to $77.99.

    Personal Video Recording (PVR)

    Both DISH Network and DIRECTV offer personal video recording. DIRECTV charges a fee for PVR; DISH Network does not.


    DIRECTV vs. DISH Network

    Programming Comparison

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