• It seems like everyone has a website these days. Some might even have their own social networks. Google Sites, Ning, Wordpress, Blogger and Webs are some resources available for those in search of building a free community website.

    Google Sites

    There are a lot of free tools available with Google. The company provides a search engine, email, web hosting, personal calendars and more. Google offers free websites for those that have a Gmail email account with them.


    Want to start the next MySpace or Facebook? Ning is the right place for you. Ning provides templates already created for building social networking sites. Rapper K'NAAN uses the platform as his personal website.


    WordPress is a software platform for blogs. You can use the site at to start a personal or professional website for free. WordPress software allows users and visitors to post and leave comments, gives users the ability to create polls and track their stats.


    Blogger also began as a free platform for blogs, but has been used for regular websites. Blogger is owned and run by Google. Just like with Google Sites, anyone who has an email account with Google can create a Blogger account for free.


    Webs, also known as Freewebs, offers free websites and hosting. The site includes four different packages. The packages allow users to customize their designs.


    The Official K'NAAN Website





    Google Sites


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