• <h4 class="dechead">On One Hand: Which Backstamp Does It Have?

    Noritake china can be dated by its back stamp; approximately 40 different back stamps have been used over the years. The original back stamp is a capital M encircled by a wreath, which stands for Morimura, the founder. Older pieces can be worth upwards of $300 to $400 if in good condition and part of a complete set. Individual pieces are worth around $25 to $50.

    On the Other: Noritake Is Still Made

    Noritake china is still made, and though it has gone through numerous back stamp changes, the fact that it is still in production does lower its value. For example, the Casual Dining Tempo Collection, Combo pattern currently in production by Noritake sells for between $18 to $40 per piece -- only slightly lower than the older pieces.

    Bottom Line

    Noritake china is worth what people will pay for it. Currently, because it is still in production, it is not as highly valued as other china no longer being made. That said, the older and better condition the piece is in, the more it is worth. Also, original pieces were hand painted -- this does increase the value.


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