• <h4 class="dechead">On One Hand: Separation & Mediation

    A neutral party, like a mediator, family member or counselor, can help to bring a separated couple back together. Also, couples who choose to separate sometimes turn to what is called a "non-divorce," where they are separated yet living under the same roof. In some cases, the two are able to come to an agreement that allows each person to continue the marriage under more amicable terms while still living somewhat separate lives.

    On the Other: More Eager to Divorce?

    The yearly divorce rate is about 50 percent of the marriage rate. Over 1 million people divorce each year. Once separated, some spouses will see the "temporary" split as an opportunity to escape the situation permanently, rather than a chance to rebuild the troubled marriage.

    Bottom Line

    A separation can be beneficial to the marriage as long as the couple attends regular counseling, agrees to mediation to sort out marital issues and has support from loved ones. As long as both parties are reasonable and willing, the time apart (or living in a "non-divorce" arrangement) can help them to appreciate each other more and resolve the issues that plague the marriage.


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    On Divorce

  • it depends on who youre married to
  • 12-1-2009 Yes.
  • If there's no fixing
  • It usually allows one of the partners to cheat.
  • It usually allows one of the parties to cheat and experiment with someone else.

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