• Yes, there's nothing not to like about smelling good.
  • yes, especially if the girl wears it all the time, it become part of the girls identity, and you know what to get her for her birthday!!! ;0D
  • Most definitely. A pleasant, clean smell is a must for me. Of course I like some perfumes better than others.
  • Yes. I think it's a good quality in a woman, - that she smells nice! JamesD. ;-)
  • I prefer no perfume,for I find them overpowering and not what attracts me to a woman.
    • Murgatroyd
      I see what you mean, jin jang. Being physically overpowered by women (preferably large women) is so much more exciting, isn't it?
  • No. it makes it appear that the perfume may be hiding a personal hygiene problem. this is not true for all women, just a small majority. If the perfume has a clean, fresh smell, not sweet, then the perfume can compliment a lady and drive men crazy. Remember though, not all perfumes smell the same on all women. their body chemistry can make a real difference. the same applies to men.
  • No. I find it very annoying. Is she so insecure that she has to change the way she smells? But then again, I'm weird. I can't stand makeup or high-heels either.
    • Murgatroyd
      What's wrong with high heels?
  • just a hint of it.
  • yes i like to women perfume better for men perfume
  • Oh YES !! I don't like too much, or when it's overpowering, but, just enough and in the right places.
  • Yeah. Not too much. My babe uses a perfume called "Ghost2 which is quite nice.
  • My boyfriend loves the perfume I wear more than I do, or at least that's what it seems like.
    • Murgatroyd
      That's a good thing, AG. :)
  • I can take it or leave it.
  • yes, in my opinion, they would like perfume on a women body here reason because everyone gets sweat so they prefer perfume on bodies.Here is the best perfume site.
  • Perfumes in small amounts are generally fine however when a woman uses the same perfume over a long period of time she becomes used to the smell and cannot smell it so she puts on more and more until it becomes obnoxious to those around her. Women should change perfumes at least once per month. Maybe 3 or 4 different fragrances alternating them each month.
  • Pure Essential Oils if they want.
  • It's all right. I wouldn't make a fetish of it.

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