• Associate with people more suitable to you. +5
  • Be around more mature people.
  • Go for the older woman. Show 'em what you got
  • I was always kind of the same way from being in high school to being in my 20's. I'm 27 now and things are just about evening out. I wouldn't lower your mental capacity for your seemingly younger peers. You'll be okay in the years to come, you will just have to stick it out.
  • I’ve been in that same situation for all my life. I am 20. And it seems as though every 20 year old person is not mature enough. As a companion, I had no choice but to wait until I found a girl suitable for me. I would not allow myself to inter into a serious relationship with a girl that is not mature because of all the problems it may bring into a relationship. Being patient has paid off! The girl I found is very mature and only 21 years of age! ;) However, socially so I do not recommend cutting off all your immature friends. You love them as friends, and would hate to see them go (at least that is how I was), yet instead just increase your number of wise and more mature friends. I recommend older people, they have been there and they done that so they know where you are and are able to speak wisdom and life into you helping you in not just this aspect of your life, but every.
  • Quit worrying about girls and focus on your studies. When you're using your "mature personality" along with superior knowledge to bring in the dough, you'll have no problem attracting a woman that suits your fancy. ... (Edited to add) ... Sorry, I must have read "fitting in" as "flirting". I wasn't paying close enough attention, apparently. . In that case, two things: 1. Yes, you do need an education. Assuming you graduate beauty school and are a fabulous stylist, what is going to set you apart from the myriad fabulous stylists already working with established clientèle? You should try your best to get a good education in business management, customer service, advertising, etc. Learn how the tax system works so you can keep the greatest amount of your money legally allowed. Learn what the going rates are for chair/booth rental at local salons so you don't get taken for more than your spot is worth. . 2. High school drama doesn't matter. Really. A few years after you graduate, you likely won't remember the NAMES of most of the people you liked, much less the ones you didn't like. Don't sweat the small stuff.
  • say you're mature answer your own question.
  • Wait a few years for people your age to catch up to you, or hang around with people you are comfortable with. Beware of things like "contributing to the deliquency of a minor" and "statuatory rape", etc, if you hang with people over 18.
  • Be yourself and look for more mature friends . Never be influenced by behaviors that you know are wrong.
  • Relax and enjoy these years...Developmentally at your age you will see the whole gamut of physical attributes and personalities. You can approach your socializing knowing this fact and just navigate your way through this awkward time of life while you and everybody else around you tries to figure out which shoes fit them best. No time to judge anyone as 5 years from now each and every one of you will be a whole lot more grown up and hardly much of a resemblance of that 14 yr old today.
  • This is a problem a good number of people at every age group faces at sometime or other in their lives. There is nothing unusual about it. Accept that first. Spend more time reading and in pursuit of acquiring higher skills and recreational activities that would make you even more emotionally mature by the time you are past your teens. You could develop your social skills by interacting with people older than you. Keep yourself busy so that you don't feel lonely. In any case don't downsize your maturity for the sake of socializing with the less mature children of your age. You will be okay.
  • Try a few years older but use your good sense and be careful...Read alot
  • What do you need to do? What is it that there is a need for you to do? Get with the program, you are looking for a partner? Do you need one so desperately? You're such big stuff eh? It's good and all that you're growing up but really? We all can't get what we want. Live with the fact people aren't going to be what you want them. I hope I'm not coming off to offensive but really. I want people to stop being so strange and self consumed but I can't have that, not always. I suggest you get on with your studies and maybe sometime you'll meet the right people. For now, uh I really don't know what to say. I mean I'm in college around adults that act like they are still in middle school. Worst part about it is that they are adults that smoke and drink and do 'big boy stuff' but they still act like they are in middle school. But I have to face the reality of it, not much I can do. Just ignore it and move along. Seriously, I wanted to say so much to these strange people and tell them to act human but will that change anything, not always. Odds are I can reach one of the fools but regardless there will be two thousand five hundred and fifty one fools to go. Just carry on. Also it's kind of harsh but if you can't share the same concepts in life, bonding can be very complicated. IF it's not worth your time, move on. There's a student I once affiliated with that did stupid and inconsiderate things and even though I am good person I still gave him my time, bad decision. After a while it became so much of a burden because the guy tries to involve me and drop my morals but I had to end the friendship. I have plenty of more to say but I think this is it, take it easy and good luck.
  • Maturity also includes the ability to handle immature folks. You're only 14 once. Enjoy your adolescence for as long as possible. And if anything else, you can dominate your peers.
  • Date boys that are 16.socialize with older girls.
  • Never "Dumb down" to suit others but dont act superior either.You will find your level eventually.
  • You may want to look for some humility, you may not be as unique as you believe - pursue your interests where they are but take care not to miss something near while you are looking else where. +5
  • What to do? Stop thinking you're above everyone else when reality is quite different. I used to think the same dreams, but grew up to find out it was just me thinking I was something "special"..
  • Your problem is not so much related to age as it is to attitude. I know of much older people who have trouble making friends because they are more mature than the people they meet. Don't be in a hurry to make friends and fit in. In time, you will find more people you are comfortable with. Some may not be as mature as you, but you will still feel comfortable with them and enjoy their company. In time, you will also meet more people like yourself. Make new friends as they come along - don't reject anyone as a friend just because they don't seem to be mature enough. Doing so is actually being "immature!"
  • chill the fuck out and enjoy being 14
  • i saw that you said that ur a girl, THATS NORMAL
  • well i'm just a dude that doesn't particularly know what the heck mature means when it comes to something outside the rhelm of plants that produce fruits and vegetables, ect. so even for me to say that i am mature for my age, which happens to be 36 years old with a five year old daughter,a full time job,and no other member for us to call mom or wife seems opinionated and biased ; if i do say so myself. as far as what to do to socialize with those who unlike you, aren't "mature" is a rhetorical question that you yourself have to stop asking yourself and others. life is too damn short and too damn precious to worry about fitting in with others. try to find how to fit in with yourself and be happy about how you feel inside. there's so much more you will experience before your time is up. be true to those who are true to you.
  • make friends with those who are slightly older than you, like 15 or 16 +5
  • associate with people outside of school. that is what i do. i can't stand most people at my school. so outside of school i don't talk to most of them. i talk and hang with actual friends.
  • Stop thinkin you're all're not. You're profile is just as immature as a 14 year old's would be. Just relax around people and talk to them. I guarantee you that if you just give people more of a chance than you are, you will find how surprisingly similar you are.

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