• Yes, it will show up on your transcript
  • YES, but if you don't give up and keep getting good grades and take interest in your classes this will also show up. What school, if I may ask?
  • It usually depends on how quickly you drop the class. I would not worry about it, though. College is hard. It is common to fail a class or two. The only important thing is your total grade point average or GPA as it is called. You will get through college. You will also get a job if you hustle during the job search. You will be very marketable. Just study hard. One mistake is not going to ruin your career. Good luck to you. +5
  • yes it will show up but so will the new grade and only the new grade will be used in grade computation (if you retake it within the first 60 hours I believe). So 1 grade isn't devastating

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