• Sidewall punctures present a special problem. There are 2 good ways to repair this. 1- replace the tire. 2- have the sidewall patched and a tube installed in the tire. The patch will prevent the tube from being pinched, and will let you get your use from the tire at less cost than replacement.
  • better to be safe then sorry and just get it replaced, most places won't fit tubes and by the time you've found somewhere that does it would have worked out cheaper and less time consuming to get a replacement even if you get a good second until you get a new tyre.
  • take it to the tyre repair shop and ask them what you should do.
  • Replace it. Are you too cheap to spent money to have a good tire, rather than a failed tire while going 60mph down the highway? I don't care what Unocal says. Firestone was wrong also!!
  • Bring it to a car tire outlet and have them check it out; if it needs replacement, consider hazard insurance, then they'll replace road damaged tires for free next time- Rickster
  • The safest option is to replace the tire and if there's ANY doubt at all, that's what I would recommend. OTOH, if the cut isn't very deep (no cord is showing in the cut), you can leave it be. The outer rubber on the sidewall doesn't really support the load, it just covers the tire cord that maintains the structure of the tire. I have had many vehicle tires slightly cut by bad parking procedures and not encountered any problems. If cord is visible in the cut, or it went through the sidewall and is leaking air, then replace the tire. Good luck
  • probably get another tire

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