• I posted a question about this, however I would remind you that any beliefs or non-beliefs are personal in nature, so I will not use this as a condemnation of religion.
  • You can't condemn a an entire faith based on the actions of a few bad apples.
  • haha Yes, I posted a question regarding the latest rewrite of the Bible as well. What I wanted to know was will it's readers and believers say that that book is the "word of God"? Like I said, this is just the latest rewrite. There have been quite a few actually. Just one more reason why I find the assertion that some Christians that the Bible is the "word of God" so funny. It is clearly the word of man and becomes more so with each rewrite. Not that the sheeple will notice...*sigh*
  • The movie 'Galaxies are Colliding' has someone relate the idea that the Bible is similar to a 'badly Xeroxed chain letter'. . There is some merit to this view. How much is anybody's guess although it becomes difficult to say that the words of a given Bible are divinely inspired if a contemporary Bible contradicts it - if only by degrees. . Capital 'T' Truth cannot have degrees. . Newsweek pretty much yearly publishes a sort of critique of the Bible by scholars, many of whom maintain that this or that phrase doesn't belong. Why alleged conservatives can't play the same game is beyond me. . Much like the lead character in Hamlet, the Jesus of the Bible can be read as a leather or lace person. On the one hand he was big on forgiving and turning the other cheek. On the other he recommended his disciples purchase swords, and, with assault and battery, removed the moneylenders from the temple. . I've heard people point out that black people often display pictures of a black Jesus and that he certainly wasn't black. True enough. He also certainly wasn't white. He was almost certainly middle-eastern. The point of this, though is that while any Christian will tell you that he was made in God's image he is less inclined to admit that he makes Jesus in his own image - if you can't truly be like Jesus (and frankly, you can't) you can at least imagine that Jesus is a little like you. . Biblical inerrancy is a tough sell and I reckon if you are a Christian who believes that somebody edited the Bible away from the Truth then you probably ought to see about editing it back towards what is true.
  • How terribly sad is that. I now know why I was chosen to remind people of God's true nature. God is unconditional love and forgives everyone once they have lived the pain that have brought onto others in this life. It is quick lived in the life review. Then God with his love for all life embraces that life back into his loving arms. I know many people do not believe my calling, but it matters not because I don't need converts or followers or to start my own religion. I know everyone is saved. All God really wanted to tell people was to love one another, which was Christ's true message, not the crap they added to it. We are all one in spirit, so all we do to each other we do to ourselves, for we are joined in spirit. It is were the whole eye for and eye came from. Learning to love that is what it is all about. God doesn't care if you are perfect at it, he just wants you to try and give it your best shot. You never have to be a Christian you are saved as all people are, don't let some hateful person tell you that your not. They don't know God if they have told you this.
  • Yes it sounds outrageous, and it is, but hasn't The Bible been through numerous refacings ever since it appeared as a book? This might explain the many denominations and Bible versions and everything. In a sick sad way, those people might be right, seeing as essentially we needed the New Testament to cater to modern society. But even then they said Jesus did matter the word of God and what it's supposed to be, unless it's God or Jesus saying it, isn't a sin to deface or alter The bible in any shape, form or way? I'm pretty sure it could pass as one, especially when they admit wanting to do this of their own hand. I'm pretty sure the concept of religions also follows evolution, so this is probbaly not gonna work because Christianity's transition to what it is is today is a little too advanced to step back, ultimately, 500 years earlier... and you can run the religion for what it is today just as much as cardinals did way back when, but you can't really run the people with it much anymore since state and church are separated, so for whatever agenda or dislike of liberals they have, this isn't probbaly gonna work anyways. But I do see your point. I don't think they take faith anymore seriously than those they accuse of having turned Jesus into a social worker.
  • I'm not surprised. The original bible is so obsolete. Hence the constant rewrite so as not to lose their flocks.
  • This one time, in High School, someone asked me if I had ever been pooped on by seagul. I said "never" Next day "splat!" right on my head. haha. thanks God.
  • And no doubt Christians will STILL say it's "the word of god".
  • No it is no way to run a religion and yes I more then understand why you are not a Christian.
  • It is how THEY run their religion, the sects and branches of chritianity are as varied as anyone can imagine. They all think they have the answer. If I was ever to embrace any religious belief it would be as simple as Soulfires. It makes more sense and comes closer to the image of a "GOD OF LOVE" than anything else I hear.
  • Yes - it is the way that someone or ones has decided to run this one, yes, and yes - although I didn't and won't spend any more time trying to understand why you are not, nor never will be a Cristian. There are enough resons for us all to decide for or against any or all. +5
  • So Mensan, you're really into Christianity, huh? What do you want for Christmas?

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