• No. The general principles of a free society are much more important that eliminating an nuisance.
  • Yes. It's not a legitimate religion in any sense of the word. It's simply a scam, and should be treated just like any other scam.
  • No.... but the "church" should definitely be watched. They have a nasty habit of trying to silence critics by any means necessary, and they are a danger to society. By all means, let them have their church, let them believe what they want, however, we need to keep an eye on this organization, for sure.
  • I dunno. Slippery slope. Dig?
  • Our approach to scientology should be exactly the same as our approach to any other faith or system of beliefs. . If we want to continue to live in a democracy...
  • Is it a Church? Nicole Kidman was able to get her marriage to Tom Cruise annulled by the RCC on the grounds that Scientology is not a church. Her marriage in a Scientology "church" was therefore deemed void. (Perhaps being rich and famous and having a Jesuit lawyer as a family friend helped too.) She was then able to marry in a Catholic church.
  • Yes, absolutely. $cientology is a CULT and people are getting hurt everyday. Miscavige should be in jail for his abuse, his policy of forced abortions, for the asbestos of the ship, for the many unexplained and unnecessary deaths of practicing Scientologists, just to name a few. Tom Cruise should go to jail, as well. I feel sympathy for John Travolta, but alas, he is obviously more interested in maintaining his status quo then doing what is morally right and defecting from this cult. Remember: The only thing that evil needs to prevail is for good men to do nothing.
  • I don't know much about CoS so can't comment.
  • We should outlaw all religions. But until then, no fair to seize on one and bully them.
  • I don't think it should be given the status of a church, and treated like the over-hyped social club and ponzi scheme it is.
  • Not unless all other religions are banned as well. +5
  • No, because bit for bit we outlaw everything ..... When do we outlaw using own brain?
  • In all fairness, banning one religion should mean banning all of them.

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