• I was just 5 back then, and was with my mom and aunt at a general store. We had got all we wanted in our basket, and were standing in a small line waiting for our turn for billing. Being small, I was lost in my own world, and suddenly my mom and aunt went to the section where you get rice, pulses etc. because they had forgotten to get rice. When I got my consciousness back I found that they were not there and thought that they forgot me there at the general store. So, I really freaked out and decided to go back all the way back home myself (I knew the way). And I really did that ! I crossed the main road which is always filled with so many vehicles ! And I was just 5 ! But when I got home, I saw my maid standing in the garden and she asked "Where is you mom and aunt ?" I just stood there and said "They are not home ?". To which she replied "No !" Then she went to the store and found mom and aunt there, who were really worried and told them all that. And then when they were home, they told me that they had just gone for a minute to get rice , and they did NOT forgot me 😂!

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