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  • dont trust anyone *looks at the people around him*
  • Don't let anyone else try to control your life.
  • Never get involved with anyone who has more problems than yourself!
  • Women are crazy :-p
  • Not to ever think you really know someone no matter how long you've known them. And when they do something nice for you its a smoke screen, they've really done something bad they are just trying to soften you up!!!!
  • I've learned that everyone has baggage. If they don't there is truly something wrong!
  • Never ever let yourself be bullied
  • Don't date guys who bad mouth their ex-girlfrinds/wives to an excess. Espescially if he tries to blame everything on her.I also stay away from guys who go to strip clubs and have a major thing for porn. They have no respect for women, no clue how to be monagamous, can't communicate with women on any level other then sex, have insecurity and control issues, and are immature. And the biggest is once a cheater always a cheater.
  • I have realized that despite my wanting a companion-marriage, I am OK with, and better off on my own.
  • To question fishy stories. If it doesnt seem right, it probably isnt.
  • Don't settle for less than what I want.
  • if it's over, don't waste any time. get out!
  • dont date losers
  • That finding an ideal match is hard to do,and to find someone that is real is also difficult.
  • the biggest and most important lesson that i ve learned is that if you put one hundred percent into a relationship and it still fails,it doesn t hurt as much because you can honestly say to yourself,hey ,i did my best and it still failed,it just wasn t meant to be.
  • Always take care of yourself first.
  • How to determine the qualities that I require in a person for it to work. I ended up knowing exactly what I wanted in a partner - I had a sort of check list and unless all boxes were ticked, I didn't bother. (Yes, I know that sounds awful but I reached that stage where you cannot be arsed to mess about any longer and just want to know up front if it was worth the effort.
  • Don't date drunks... Don't date potheads who are secretly major drug addicts and liars.
  • Don't change for anyone.
  • Best to take your time and dont rush into your next relationship or use that relationship to get over your past.Detox yourself first from yor past than
  • You cannot save someone; that person can only save himself (herself if you are into women, I'm not). The best you can do is assist someone who truly wants help. If someone wants to continue destructive behavior, the best you can do is get out of the way (save yourself).
  • nothing
  • Where's there's smoke there's fire. Be honest with yourself, see things for how they actually ARE not how you wish they were. Understand that prolonging pain is unnecessary suffering.
  • You have to take everything your partner says with a grain of salt, they say one thing but what they actually mean is something completely different. Also, if they want you to change than you know you are in trouble. Not going to happen.
  • 1) You can't win 2) You can't even break even 3) You can't get out of the game 4) One word: You never know "Love has no guarantee (yes i'm date stamped) Promise me eternity (guess i'll fade away) Even with a pedigree (yes i'm date stamped) Love has no guarantee" 'Date Stamp' - ABC . . .
  • Never date a wrestler...
  • Don't fart in front of a posh bird.
  • That love is an illusion and the most beautiful love is the one that is never completed.
  • The biggest lesson for the success of relationship dawns when we understand that "life is to give, and not to take", as told by Victor Hugo.
  • Dont ever give someone your complete trust, because they will let you down in some way.
  • It has taken me 71 years but I feel that I have learned to accept myself as I am, without illusions and without judgment. Once I reached that point I realized that I could accept anyone, accept them without judgment. Sure, there are those I choose to avoid. But as I look at all my past relationships I realize athat every one of them has been acceptable and if they were to be repeated, if the opportunities were to return, that I could renew the relationships and accept them all as they are. I would only hope they could all accept me as well.
  • I may have a few years experience, althought not much of an attitude change on some of you. So, years of wisdom: men are crazy-irresponsbile women are crazy-irresponsbile you can't live with them and you can't live without them. as the french say "viva la differance"" "gather ye rosbuds while ye may, for time it is a flying and that same flower that blooms today, tomorrow will be dying"....robert burns
  • That people in general are untrustworthy.
  • for me, this quote answers it, "Never make someone your everything, because when they're gone, you have nothing." You could love others, but remember not to make someone your everything. If you do, chances are at the end.. u'll suffer tremendously...
  • TRUST between one another is the number one thing. Don't care about the past... because its the past and you can't change it.
  • that women are just as bad as men, even if you really are good to them, they will stab you in the back
  • Avoid drunks, drug addicts and womanizers. (even if they are drop dead gorgeous) I have also learned to give more than take and allow for mistakes. Don't start bitching as soon as the door opens.
  • Never date a man whose never been married, but has multiple kids with multiple women.
  • never get involved with a woman with kids, big mistake!!
  • Don't get back together with someone once you have broken up.
  • wow if i am totally honest - many things and if i am even more honest - i have still not learnt too much from them we as humans seem to find it very hard to change our ways - even if we know they are bad i will find a way - one day (im trying to be positive every day but its tough)
  • two lessons: Wear a steel jockstrap Have a Plan "B"
  • i have learned the next one won't be any different.
  • *somethings just aren't meant to be *don't stay with a man who says he is not in love w/ me when I love him. *love like I have never been hurt *love with a whole heart *don't spill my life story to soon *speak my mind *a man will only think as high of me if I do first *waiting for sex is much better.....I am not a cum bag.
  • Stop dating idiots! :o)
  • Two things. Jenn > All the rest I was meant to be with Jenn
  • Refrain from saying or doing anything you'll be uncomfortable (or embarrassed) explaining or justifying later.
  • Don't have a serious one until you are mature.
  • Read through all the answers, some good advice there, all makes sense. However, one thing I do know is that when I was in a damaging relationship none of that advice would have been any use despite being accurate. It all seems so easy when you are not in a bad relationship or in a good one, but when you are not all the advice falls on deaf ears!! Well it did with me anyway. I only wished AB had been around when I had all my problems, maybe things could have been different.
  • Gratitude is THE most important quality in a lover. When your partner is grateful for you, as they are early on in the relationship, they will treat you properly -- with love and respect. If during the course of the relationship, they find some reason to become ungrateful, they'll stab you in the back without giving it a second thought. Pay attention!
  • Dont compromise yourself or your beliefs.
  • Don't ignore the bull shit.
  • He means what he says. He doesn't mean what he doesn't say.
  • That women aren't the delicate little creatures that society and T.V. make them out to be. They like to bang just as many guys as guys like to bang women, they cheat, lie, cause drama, and are just as bad, if not worse than guys are. In my experiences, nobody will ever make me believe that all women aren't the same. I believe with every fiber of my body that they are all the same. They all have drama, but you just have to find the one with the least amount.
  • To do the opposite of whatever decision I decide to make.....................
  • Marriage sucks
  • That I'm way stronger than I ever gave myself credit for, and that I deserve better.
  • Not every relationship can be made to work.
  • dont get back with a cheater
  • People only change if they truly want to & Never just do the "logical" thing, remember to listen to your gut feelings!
  • dont be one sided

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