• Sometimes. I pretty much wake up, go to work, come home, eat and sleep. Very little contact with the outside world... I don't go out and do anything, very little social life (as far as "going out" goes)... I think that's why I started signing up for things like charity walks... it gets me outside, gets me to talk to people, see places other than my house.
  • Yes - Right now I'm in some kind phobia - So yes
  • I don't feel left out, because I could join in at anytime I wanted to. But I like to stray around the extremities.
  • Yes. Most defo. I feel very.. separated. I dont like it.
    • Linda Joy
      Were you on MSN Q&A?
  • No. I've always been able to join in if I wished. I just don't conform to norms. Not sure I could fake normal if I wanted to. But I don't feel a need to fit in. I need to be me and stand for what I believe in.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      Part of me wants to encourage you to elaborate on what it is that makes you so abnormal, and part is afraid to. ... Well,,You're fine with us here anyway.
    • Linda Joy
      Be afraid, be very afraid! Lol! Surely you can guess some of them. Go ahead give it a shot I'll add a few to the end once you're done
  • My non;conformist nature has attracted other non;conformists which has become my society.
  • I had to move to the city and give up friends and my car. I cant buy everything one needs, but if I save and wait, I can pick a few priorities to save for, ones I think may do something for the quality of my life. For some reason, I bought a dining table, and board games, and teas and such, expecting that mine would be the place people would come to play board games and drink coffee and watch movies and talk. But no one ever does. .....Someone said "life is what happens when you're making plans". Yea. I guess so. (I just bought 8 more borad games, just before I got the budget cuts news. Cool games that you have to think of funny things you know. It's ok, they were cheap for some reason. Maybe I'll advertise for some "fellow losers" on Craig's List or something. I worry though that if I start bringing strangers here, they'll trash my home and look for how to rob it later. *sigh* *pets Captain Meow (he would never rob me or pee on my floor)(okay he would never rob me)*
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