• If you are describing someone who is mentally retard, I wouldn't think so. But if your saying that bc of someone who does stupid things on purpose, then yes, I could see that being offensive.
  • Test out your theory on a person who you think is a "retard" and report back to us on your findings.
  • I think so. When it's used, it's often meant offensively. Mental retardation is a medical condition. It would be obviously offensive to be like, "Yeah, you have cancer" but people don't think anything of saying, "You're a retard." It's insulting, and not only that, but it shows a lack of class.
  • "Retard" describes a person so mentally incapable as they need someone else to take care of them. I don't have a problem using it as an offense to people who are immature but in control of something powerful (like a gun or a car). They obviously need supervision if they aren't going to blow their brains out, but considering how they can't handle themselves (the immaturities), I say, let 'em go. +3
  • I hope not, I use that word all the time. "This printer is retarded." "This assignment is retarded." "Why are the trains so retarded today?" "I feel retarded this week." I understand how it may be offensive, which is why I tend to reserve that kind of language for those I know well, as no one has had an objection and also uses the word freely. I suppose the reason I don't find the word offensive is because I have never, and would never describe someone who is mentally challenged as retarded. I don't associate the word with this condition because I find it extremely offensive when used in regard to them. The word "Retard" or "Retarded," for me, describes someone who is acting out of character, like a jerk, or toward an inanimate object, something that isn't working. I am okay with this because the word retarded has been regarded for many years as extremely inappropriate when used at or about someone who has a mental disability. Does this make sense?
  • No it isn't wrong. Retard applies to someone who is retarded. Retarded of course means mentally impaired. Therefore it is not incorrect to call the mentally handicapped retards. But yes, it is offensive. It's like midget, vertically challenged people might find it offensive even though it is correct.
  • This should explain it. See pic.
  • Yes it is offensive to use term " retard" beause it was not the choice of the person and he/she is born that way and we human should resepct them.and i personally believe that these type of people havee not commited any evil things knowingly.
  • Yes, it's a derogatory term for someone who's mentally impaired.
  • Yes it is offensive when taken out of context. Personally I don't use the term and prefer mentally challenged. They are all people just like you and me, they just happen to have been born with a mental handicap. And in terms of using the word retard to describe people or things such as "your retarded," that's just ignorant. It's the same as saying, "whoa dude that's so gay."
  • It depends. What context are you using it in? Saying things like "That's retarded", "You're retarded", "this is for retards" etc, IS offensive. Saying something like "The global financial crisis has retarded the progress of the business" is not offensive.
  • Both. "developmentally disabled" is now preferred when referring to or describing this impairment in mentation. However when using otherwise 'offensive' words exclusively with your pals, it's kinda lightweight! - ;-)
  • Probably. However, I don't think people should be offended. What's the PC term? Mentally challenged American? Now that offensive, because most people suffering from it can't pronounce it! It's like the cruel idea of putting an 'S' in the word lisp. But the people who get offended aren't the ones the term applies to. I think that's weird. Like when I tell a mexican joke (I'm part Mexican, so you can't be offended by that) it's usually some white guy that gets offended. The Mexicans are all rolling on the ground laughing! So I ask you: Whose really in the wrong here?
  • it is both big and clever to use the word retard, although "spacker" is probably better.
  • i prefer to use Brokedick
  • No. Some people use it as a term of endearment.
  • Used as a noun it is derogatory and offensive. ie: He is such a retard. Used as a verb it is not offensive. ie: Use mulch to retard water evaporation and weed growth.
  • Some may think it is offensive.
  • It is absolutely normal in the USA. The rest of the English-speaking world probably finds it offensive.
  • I just read "I have the bad habit of saying "that's retarded", I don't call people retards. i'm trying to stop." That makes me relly happy to hear that. It's just as bad as saying "that's so gay"
  • Wow! Do you really need to ask this question?
  • Yes............
  • People are too uptight anymore. I will say things like "that is so gay" and That is so retarded" all I want. I don't mean it in a literal sense. When someone calls someone a "son of a bitch" they are not actually calling their mother a bitch are they? People need to lighten up and stop this preachy attitude.
  • If I must make a distinction insofar as one who is not "normal" (whatever that is!), I prefer to use the terms "special needs". I don't want to bring about, or add to, grief on anyone. In all such circumstances when one may suffer hurt feelings due to society's insensitivity, I pretty much work on the basis of "There but for the Grace of God go I." ...or my own child/loved one. +5
  • depends on how you use it, i guess you can say like it is. "He's retarded", just dont use it offensivly
  • Yes, if you use it in a derogatory way regarding another person. There are less offensive words to use to describe the lack of intellect of a person. Retard has other meanings that have nothing to do with a person.

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