• In truth I tell you this: Acquaintances you will have in the hundreds, Friends you will have by the tens, good friends, tried and true who will stick with you through out your life you will number upon the fingers of a single hand. Once you understand the true nature of these relationships then you can understand the drives and connections that leads to that "soul-mate" condition where you have one tried and true individual who is closer to you than a brother. You can not make this kind of friendship, you can not force it or develop it out of just any person. It boils down to personalities yours and your friend. Personality should not be confused with behavior or even character, it is that thing which makes "you" you. A person who is your soul-mate friend would naturally be connected to you and you them and your personalities would match or blend or be perfectly well suited for each other creating a friendship of such depth. It is like true love, it happens, by accident not by planning.
  • What do you mean by closer than brothers? Are you looking for it to become sexual? (Forgive me if I'm wrong, my mind is in the gutter). In order for any relationship to work - friendship, siblings, whatever - there has to be trust. You've got to know that you can trust that person implicitly and they have to know that you are a trustworthy person. You've got to have some common ground as well - things you have in common with this person. You've got to like each other. Often, like anything else, friendship happens by chance. It's not something that can be manipulated or structured to follow a certain plan. Really I think you just have to listen and pay attention to each other and be interested in what each other has to say. You've got to trust each other. That's how friendships work.
  • it'll just happen, i dont think you can make it happen

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