• Coasters, placemats, picture frames, suncatchers, bill/mail holders.
  • I like making hot cocoa mix for people. Here's the recipe: Ingredients • 2.5 lb Nestle Quik Powder • 1# Coffee Creamer • 1 8qt box dry milk • 1C Powdered Sugar • 4t Cinnamon • 1pkg Mini Marshmallows Directions 1. Mix all ingredients (except mini marshmallows) in a very large bowl or Rubbermaid container. 2. To serve add 1/3C mix to 1C hot water. 3. Top with Mini Marshmallows. This makes about 75 servings
  • watch "she's crafty" on the ion channel at 12am and it will have a million cheap craft gifts,.
  • Baking
  • banknotes! haha
  • Since I'm into painting creating an image whether it's on a canvas, a wooden plague, or some other interesting surface would make a neat gift. I've done some work on birdhouses and I like to paint animals and patterns on them. My Mom and Aunt Jeannette would add finishing touches like birds, butterflies, and tiny floral arrangements and the birdhouses would come alive. The paint I like best for work like that is acrylic.
  • My wife will be making cookies and candy for friends and family. She does it every years. Her siblings expect her to do it. This year she has even put her recipes and notes on her blackberry. She will be buying several new tins for the treats and is also planning a birthday party for her brother, that happens to have been born on 25 December.

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