• Bottles say not for children. harmful.
  • Depends on the mood I'm in, when I'm being "nice" it's a real bad idea, the long term health effects of a caffeine and sugar habit will kill you. Then again the sooner they start the faster they die...hopefully before they breed more stupid people.
  • I've noticed the same thing ! However; these kids are HARMING their bodies and don't seem to know or care ... These energy drinks are so filled with caffine ..that they cause the heart to race at almost double the normal spped / rate .... then after the drink wears out ; the heart slows back down .... This CAN cause serious heart damage that CAN lead to a STROKE or even a HEART ATTACK .... +5
  • Disagree - they should need them. They should eat right, exercise and get plenty of sleep (for that matter, we all ahould). I would not let my children drink energy drinks.
  • Bad idea they give you energy and than later you are exhausted. Kids should get enough rest and not need them.
  • Ask yourself this. Why in the world would a 12 year old need an energy drink? That in itself is frightening.
  • My younger brother is 12 and he is obsessed with them. Our mother discourages him from drinking them, but he buys them behind her back and drinks them after school
  • Children of age below 12 must engage in sports and other energy expending activities only to the levels their normal food intake would provide them with enough energy. A little glucose during or after a game wouldn't matter. But making a habit of consuming energy drinks all the time would mean they are actually taxing their growing bodies beyond limits. It should be avoided to ensure uniform growth of children's physique.
  • They shouldn't drink them at all. They usually have enough energy without them if they are getting a balanced diet and enough sleep at night. I'm concerned that parents aren't assuring they are getting either!! If kids don't exhibit a problem for the parents, they usually notice them very little because they are too busy with their own lives and concerns.
  • Personally I disagree with anyone using energy drinks, young and old alike. I'd like to see them banned and discontinued altogether. +5
  • I haven't really seen you witness these events, so I cannot earnestly agree. :)
  • Parents don't understand that Caffeinated drinks are Worse than Sugar and More Addictive and can stunt growth!
  • I disagree: Just check out the hits on google
  • it stunts growth, very unhealthy, and leaves children crashed and stung out. no mas
  • Yes they are - I watched last week on the news a kid that tried to drink energy drink in one breath and he collapsed and ended in a hospital. When they interviewed him they asked him why he tried energy drink and he said "Because I saw older students from my school drink it." and currently there is no way to forbid places that sell energy drinks around schools to sell them to kids under the age of 12 (the kid was around 11).
  • I dont mind them unless it becomes to much of a addiction. A eneergy drink every few days isnt bad. When i was 12 i was always sick so i never had enough energy to walk around school from class to class. Kind of had no choice to drink coffee or energy drinks.
  • Many parents are irresponsible. I am for an ethically based, balanced diet combined with exercise. That gives someone all the energy they need.
  • Yes as far as my nephew is concerned yes!! :-/ try telling his parents though!!?????????????? @[@
  • I'm not sure. I really don't know enough about them. Personally I find them a useful tool but I only drink them on occasion.
  • I agree, I've also seen lots of youngsters drinking them. Perhaps parents need to step in, do some parenting, and stop their kids from drinking this stuff.
  • I'm against it. Kids under 12 are usually hyper enough; they don't need the extra "energy". The drinks probably disrupt their hormones too and stunt their growth, or have unseen consequences on their future sexual development.
  • yes i have noticed this wich is sad
  • Kids do not need those, most are full of caffiene,kids in this country are getting rickets again because they dont drink milk.
  • I have never had one of those 'energy' drinks. I can see how some people may get hooked on them rather easily if they are all that they advertise. I cannot for the life of me, however, understand why a young teen would have any need for those drinks, unless they are using them to counteract either depressants, or depression. I was a ball of fire when i was a kid, and while the fire has burned a bit lower since, I am still pretty wired-and i never have anything with caffeine in it:) I don't think it is a good idea for young people to develop a habit of 'needing' to consume something in order to get them moving at the speed they should be at anyhow. And by the way, whoever your avatar is a picture of, has to be the hottest on AB:)

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